Restaurants for dogs are the absurd new thing, offering steaks, pork broth "beer," and pupsicles

Health codes prohibit dogs from entering most restaurants. But there's a new trend in restaurants that are actually for dogs, or at least feature dog menus. For example, at Dogue in San Francisco, there's a $75 tasting menu for your fancy furry friend. And that's just one of the ritzy spots where elite dogs meet to eat. From the New York Times:

Pet parents can now order their dog a steak or Alaskan salmon with steamed rice. The dog can wash that down with a nonalcoholic "beer" made of pork broth, or a bowl of Dög Pawrignon made with wild-caught-salmon oil.

Other restaurants have gone a step further, catering exclusively to dogs, from custom canine birthday cakes to food trucks serving chicken nuggets and burgers. At Dogue, dogs eat a fine-dining tasting menu.

In San Francisco, Jason Villacampa, 40, has treated his corgis, Tony and Captain, to the tasting menu at Dogue four times. It costs $75 per dog, with complimentary sparkling water or mimosas for the owner.

On a recent visit, Mr. Villacampa said, the chef, Rahmi Massarweh, explained the dishes the dogs were about to eat, detailing which local farm provided each ingredient and how each meal was prepared. He served bone broth tableside, and put the finishing touches to plates like mosaic chicken, thin strips of white meat wrapped in nori, layered together and cooked in a water bath. Mr. Massarweh, a chef for 20 years, trained in French cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu in San Francisco.

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