That "Ultra Right Beer" lost its contract brewery

Last week, I wrote about the new "Ultra Right Beer" — a $35 six-pack of light lager grift masquerading a protest against Bud Light's marketing partnership with trans woman influencer Dylan Mulvaney. Upon the launch, the Ultra Right Beer website offered mostly vague claims that the beer would be brewed somewhere in Northern Illinois, and that all pre-orders would start shipping on or around May 11 (despite the fact that it might be illegal to ship beer direct consumers outside the state Illinois).

Several days later, the metadata on the website was quietly updated with details connecting the contract-brewed beer to Bent River Brewing in Rock Island, Illinois.

Mike Zoller of did some snooping, and reached out to the company for comment:


The Ultra Right Beer website has since been updated to remove Bent River's name; shipping information has also changed to say that the beer is "in production" and that it "Ships Approx 30 Days After Order."

Of course, to hear some right-wing pundits tell of it, this is all just another part of a massive CIA psyop:

Brewery tapped to make Ultra Right beer backed out when they found out what it was [Claire Goforth / DailyDot]