Bud Light maker ditches its Chief Marketing Officer

Anheuser-Busch, makers of Bud Light, has no further need for US chief marketing officer Benoit Garbe's services. Bud Light remains a rage locus for conservatives, despite the company's oily attempts to suck up to them since right-wing media made a meal of it sending free cans to a transgender Instagram influencer. It already fired the specific executives behind the campaign.

The world's biggest brewer reported a 13.5% decline in third-quarter US revenue per 100 liters, a key measure of beer sales. The brand's Bud Light customers abandoned the beer after it partnered with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney and botched its response to the controversy. … Bud Light lost its long-held top-selling American beer title to rival Modelo after its short partnership with Mulvaney.

It's nice to see media recognizing that it's not just the conservative backlash that's responsible for Bud Light's continued decline, but its instant abandonment of queer customers. Even Good Housekeeping took a shit on it for its empty "Rainbow Washing."

Not everything is for everyone. Marketing tip! Bud Light can carve a new path as the South Park of beers: the drink for people who don't give a shit about anything except resenting anyone who gives a shit about something.