Ana de Armas finally addresses those pesky Wonder Woman rumors

Every few years, Hollywood decides that they're all in on a specific actor. Occasionally, Tinseltown's chosen "star" fizzles out even faster than the duration of their push. However, every once in a while, Hollywood's continued insistence on an actor yields a beautiful result, introducing the public to a new pop culture mainstay. As we speak, Ana de Armas is experiencing the latter as she's in the middle of a massive Hollywood push that has produced a slew of memorable roles and magnetic performances. 

Throughout the industry's existence, Hollywood has had no shortage of beautiful international women with sultry accents that entice moviegoers into the theaters. Before the current Ana de Armas push, Hollywood was infatuated with Gal Gadot after heric star-making performance in Wonder Woman. As Gadot's tenure as the Amazonian princess draws to a close with the dawn of James Gunn's DCU, Wonder Woman fans have started to speculate who might pick up the character's iconic bracelets. One of the names frequently tossed around by fans is Ana de Armas, and according to Deadline, the actor has finally addressed the rumors surrounding her potential casting as Wonder Woman

Ana de Armas was asked if she was going to take over the Wonder Woman role as Peter Safran and James Gunn reenvision the DC Universe.

"Well, I feel like Gal Gadot is doing a great job," De Armas said in the Wired Auto Complete Interview. "I think she should keep doing that."

Gal Gadot recently reprised her role of Diana Prince in Shazam! Fury of the Gods. However, the future of Gadot in the role remains uncertain after the third installment of Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman was scrapped.

After news that the threequel was not happening, Jenkins released a statement saying, "I never walked away. I was open to considering anything asked of me. It was my understanding there was nothing I could do to move anything forward at this time. DC is obviously buried in changes they are having to make, so I understand these decisions are difficult right now."