Ordinary Adventures rates Southern California theme park pizza

The folks at Ordinary Adventures are charming, and positive and know their theme park food. Kitra and Peter are my go-to hosts when I need an update on what's good to eat, or not, at any Disney or Universal property. Their reviews of merch and special events are always wonderful and welcome in my feed.

Alien Pizza Planet has the most excellent logo of any theme park pizza place, I have meant to buy a tee-shirt for years. Pixar's Toy Story aliens believe the claw from a toy-grabbing machine takes them to a better place, where the planet is pizza. Having not tried the pizza at any other theme park pizza pie serving establishment, I will tell you that Disneyland's replacement for the Mission to Mars ride makes pretty lame pizza for adults, but I think it is perfect kid's cafeteria-style pizza. If you have a kid who will ONLY eat the 'za, like mine from ages 5-8, I have always found Alien Pizza Planet to be a quiet, easy place to chill out and fill the kid's tank.

I hope to someday bump into this duo in a park.

Featured Image: YouTube