Tucker Carlson already has job offers — from Russia state TV

After a year of moonlighting as an intern for Russia State TV, Tucker Carlson finally gets his big break. Russian state media offers are flooding in, asking the ex-Fox host to join their networks. All of Carlson's fascist propaganda — which was regularly aired in Russia — has paid off for the pro-Putin, ballsy bro with a tan.

From NBC News:

RT, the broadcaster formerly known as Russia Today which is banned in dozens of countries including the entire European Union, said on its English-language Twitter account Monday: "Hey @TuckerCarlson, you can always question more with @RT_com."

Vladimir Solovyov, the most prominent commentator on Russian state TV and a staunch pro-Kremlin propagandist, said Carlson was welcome to join his nightly panel discussion show — while suggesting he should consider a run for the White House.

"You have our admiration and support in any endeavor you choose for yourself next, be it running for President of the United States (which you should totally do, by the way) or making an independent media project," he wrote in an email, according to a screengrab he shared on his Telegram channel.

"We'll happily offer you a job if you wish to carry on as a presenter and host! You are always welcome in Russia and Moscow, we wish you the best of luck."

Alongside the message on Telegram, Solovyov wrote in English: "Tucker, come join us. You don't have to be afraid of taking the piss out of Biden here," using a common British expression for mocking someone.