Tucker Carlson is now considered a "co-host" on Russian State TV

Russian State TV has found a chump in Tucker Carlson, using him as a co-host without paying him a dime (as far as we know). In fact, Carlson's Putin-praising propaganda is all they need to fill a news slot, and there are plenty of his monologues to make him a household name in the Kremlin. (See bottom video for an example.)

"Russian State TV is also using clips of Tucker Carlson on Fox News. Why would they do that?" MSNBC's host Stephanie Ruhle asked Russian Media analyst Julia Davis on The 11th Hour.

"Because he sounds like one of the Kremlin pundits on the Russian State television," said Davis. "In fact, they have described him as practically one of their co-hosts. It's such a perfect alignment that they barely add anything. They just air his translated monologues and very long clips they're playing on their TV to show that even in America people side with them."

So the big question is, what's it in for the Fox-branded turncoat? Another pee tape coverup, perhaps?

One of the many Tucker Putinganda monologues: