"Amazingly metal" dragon fire at Disneyland

On Saturday night, the fire-breathing dragon in Disneyland's "Fantasmic!" show caught on fire, destroying the prop, and causing six cast members to be treated for smoke inhalation. New York Times story here.

Of course, Disneyland is probably the most photographed/videoed place on Earth, with thousands of phone cameras trained on every event, so the fire was extremely well documented by parkgoers.

Many people watching thought the fire was part of the show. This video shows the start of the fire, the announcement during the blaze ("Your attention, please. Due to unforeseen circumstances, this performance of 'Fantasmic!' cannot continue."), happy Dixieland music playing while the dragon incinerates, and, amazingly, what seems like the burning dragon suddenly shooting flames out of its mouth.

And here are some parkgoers who were treated to a view of the blazing dragon as they rode Splash Mountain.

Hat tip to Podcast the Ride