A tourist ignores sign at Buckingham Palace that says "horses may bite" — so the horse bites (video)

Guard horses at Buckingham Palace don't want tourists busting into their personal space. In fact, tourists are warned of this equine pet peeve with a huge sign that reads, BEWARE / HORSES MAY KICK OR BITE! / THANK YOU.

But to hell with what the sign says. For some tourists, Disneyham Palace is their oyster, signs be damned. Take the two visitors captured in video footage below (posted by Hans Solo), for example. Each woman enjoys spending time in front of the warning sign right next to a guard horse. And the horse, in return, enjoys shoving and biting said tourists.

Meanwhile, the Horse Guard looks on without a twitch — he's seen it all before.

Front page thumbnail image: WD Stock Photos / shutterstock.com