Avengers: Endgame's Joe Russo thinks we're pretty close to AI-generated films

Boy, AI really caught us with our pants down, huh? Despite the conversation surrounding the very real advent and proliferation of AI technology existing since the early 2010s, millions of people largely wrote off artificial intelligence as something that was far too "sci-fi" to arrive in their lifetime. Flash forward to the present day, and AI technology is already becoming a problem for several job sectors with zero signs of slowing down. A couple of weeks ago, Universal Music Group began to urge streaming platforms to ban the use of AI-generated music, as, if left unchecked, the technology could make their artists obsolete. 

The scariest part about AI is understanding how impressive it already is and grappling with the fact that it will only get better from here. According to Comic Book ResourcesAvengers: Endgame director Joe Russo believes we're only a few years away from a completely AI-generated film. 

The use of artificial intelligence is growing exponentially and Avengers: Endgame director Joe Russo believes it could hit the film industry far sooner than some might expect.

Speaking at the Sands International Film Festival, as reported by Collider, Russo, who revealed he is on the board of several AI companies, discussed the development of AI-technology and guessed that entirely AI-generated films could appear in "two years?" He prefaced it by stating, "Potentially, what you could do with it is obviously use it to engineer storytelling and change storytelling. So you have a constantly evolving story, either in a game or in a movie, or a TV show."

"You could walk into your house and save the AI on your streaming platform. 'Hey, I want a movie starring my photoreal avatar and Marilyn Monroe's photoreal avatar. I want it to be a rom-com because I've had a rough day,' and it renders a very competent story with dialogue," he continued, adding that it could even go so far as to render the user in this film or non-AI-generated projects.