PDF Expert can ensure you get office grade files while still sitting at home working in your pajamas

TL;DR: If you're a home office type of person but want to avoid shelling out the cash for an industrial printer, PDF Expert is an excellent way to do professional-level work on your phone (and even in your PJs). It's now on sale for only $69.99.

Look, we get it. Some people (namely massive corporations) appreciate the fine stench of a room full of cubicles only enhanced by the stale birthday cupcakes in the break room. But honestly, we don't love that idea. So, we'll go ahead and do work at home (and also avoid that annoying coworker). 

Working from home is fantastic until you realize you don't have the equipment to make it sustainable or efficient. Luckily, we've got you covered with PDF Expert, a tool that makes handling PDFs from your beloved MacBook a breeze. It's now only $69.99 (reg. $139).

There are a lot of nifty tools and functions in PDF Expert, so let's dig in. For those of us who are WFH'ers with no access to an office-grade fax machine or copier combo (or any heavy-duty office supplies, for that matter), this app allows you to work with PDFs like never before on Mac software, all without trekking back to the god-awful fluorescent lights.

PDF Expert enables seamless PDF editing, annotating, organizing, merging, and converting. Convert your PDF to popular formats like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and vice versa, and have the ability to merge multiple files into one PDF (so you're not the colleague that sends 1,000 emails with separate pages). From contracts to reports, PDF Expert can help you perfect your document before you send it out to clients and even allow for quick comments on the doc so your coworker can see them. 

Not only that, but PDF Expert also allows you to easily fill out PDFs with Mac. You can simply click to sign, add your signature to a PDF, and even redact PDFs so confidential info is protected. Seriously, what can PDF Expert not do?

PDF Expert is so helpful that it was awarded the Editor's Choice by Apple, given 4.7 out of 5 stars on G2, and boasts over 30 million users.

Make handling PDFs a breeze, even with your Mac software.

Get a lifetime license to PDF Expert now for just $69.99 (reg. $139).

Prices subject to change.