Watch martial arts legend Scott Adkins explain why John Wick's fight scenes rule

Every couple of decades, the action movie genre receives a shot in the arm that revitalizes the entire field. Flashback to the 70s and Bruce Lee's iconic Enter the Dragon set a new standard for action flicks. In the 80s, Die Hard helped shape what the genre would look like going forward. And if we jump to the late 90s, The Matrix– especially the frequently aped "bullet time"- became essential in the visual vocabulary of fight scenes.  

Without question, the franchise that has become the new face of the action genre is John Wick. Through its grounded fight scenes that implement tons of grappling and dynamic camera work, John Wick has carved out a brutal legacy in the world of action cinema. But don't just take my word for it, folks. In the video linked above, you can listen to martial arts legend Scott Adkins explain why John Wick's fight scenes work so well.