Margot Robbie is rumored to be the new Invisible Woman in The Fantastic Four

Being a fan of The Fantastic Four is like being a fan of the Boston Red Sox prior to 2004. No matter how much fans of the FF recount the history of the team's commercial success in the 60s, The Fantastic Four has failed to produce much buzz in the modern era. However, similar to the regulars at Fenway Park, FF fans spend year after year hoping that the world will finally recognize the brilliance of their favorite team. 

In an attempt to remedy the general public's apathy toward The Fantastic Four, Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige have apparently made the quartet's upcoming movie a massive priority. For months, rumors have circulated about countless actors joining the new FF flick. According to Comic Book Resources, Margot Robbie is rumored to be jumping ship from DC's film division to play Sue Storm Richards, also known as the Invisible Woman, in the Marvel cinematic universe. Robbie's star power has the potential to attract a host of new fans to the Fantastic Four, as well as help to recruit other A-list actors to round out the film's team. 

I never thought I would compare Margot Robbie to David Ortiz from the 2004 Red Sox roster, but here we are. 

A report from reliable Marvel Cinematic Universe news scooper, Daniel Richtman, reveals that Marvel Studios has made an offer to Academy Award-nominated actor, Margot Robbie, to play Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman, in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie.

If Robbie accepts the deal, she'll become one of the more notable examples of an actor starring in both a Marvel and DC film, as Robbie has been the Harley Quinn of the DC Extended Universe since 2016's Suicide Squad.