Own your own (tiny, mass-produced versions of) Roy Lichtenstein pop art paintings

Here's your chance to own a tiny, mass-produced versions of works by famous pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. The U.S. Postal Service recently released new forever stamps featuring the work of Lichtenstein. The USPS website explains:

With these eye-catching new stamps, the U.S. Postal Service honors Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997), the iconic American artist of the pop art movement. This genre, which arose in the late 1950s and reached its height in the 1960s, looked to popular culture for its aesthetic.

Each of the five stamps in the pane of 20 features one work of art by Lichtenstein: Standing Explosion (Red) (porcelain enamel on steel, 1965); Modern Painting 1 (acrylic, oil, graphite pencil on canvas, 1966); Still Life with Crystal Bowl (acrylic, oil, graphite pencil on canvas, 1972); Still Life with Goldfish (acrylic, oil, graphite pencil on canvas, 1972); and Portrait of a Woman (acrylic, oil, graphite pencil on canvas, 1979). In the left third of the pane is a photograph by Bob Adelman of Lichtenstein standing in front of one of his dot-pattern paintings. His face is framed by a model of his 1983 sculpture Brushstrokes in Flight.

Click here to read more about the stamps or to order some.