Check out the amazing Swatch collection of Esther Montagner

While corporate funded creative collaborations are a dime a dozen, it's easy to forget a time, in the not so distant past, where one very cool watch company set the standard by making countless creative editions with some of the most amazing minds of the era. And it was this very specific brand of watches, that inspired me as an artist to aim for that pop culture level of output, at the same level Keith Haring did with his iconic Pop-Shop store in NYC.

And of course, I am speaking of Swatch, which if like me, you were quite obsessed with in a previous life. And if you were, you absolutely have to dig into this treasure trove of an auction, which will blow your fucking mind with editions you likely had no idea about, or only vaguely recollect. To see them all today, is truly inspiring.

From the website:

First introduced in 1983, the Swatch quickly became "the plastic watch that changed everything." Technically innovative, visually captivating, and accessible to a wide audience, Swatches rocketed to global icon status through an unprecedented cocktail of smart design, cutting-edge marketing, and—with time—tremendous collectibility. Esther Montagner was among the brand's earliest ambassadors, traveling the world and becoming part of a close-knit community united in passion for Swatch. With fearlessness and drive, Montagner attended elite Swatch events from Beverly Hills to Hong Kong, amassing an extensive collection not only of wristwatches, but extremely rare packaging, artist and celebrity autographs, advertisements, and ephemera. Swatches: The Collection of Esther Montagner on July 19th is a celebration not only of one collector's zeal and dedication, but of the history and lore of the Swatch universe.