McKinney, Texas elementary school creates the world's longest friendship bracelet

Valley Creek Elementary school in McKinney, Texas just set a new world record for the longest friendship bracelet. Their bracelet measured 852.19 meters, beating the previous record of 660.48 meters. The McKinney Courier-Gazette provides more details:

The 852.19 meters of ribbon stretched across McKinney ISD's football stadium held a whole lot of meaning for the Valley Creek Elementary School community.

The material represented four months of work by students, teachers, staff, parents and community members that began Nov. 7 and ended March 3. The five ribbon colors, reflecting the school colors for Faubion Middle School and McKinney High School, represented the future for Valley Creek Elementary students. The item itself, a friendship bracelet, represented a message of unity, kindness and connection.

Before starting the assembly of the bracelet, everyone had to learn a knotting technique that would be accessible to all ages. Art teacher Amanda Kelly, who died unexpectedly in October, 2022, helped come up with the technique that was then used by participants in the project and also chose the five ribbon colors. The bracelet, then, became a project of healing and community building.

Way to go, Valley Creek Elementary School, congrats on your new world record!