Here's how they made those wacky claymation Brisk commercials from the late 90s

Watching commercials from the 90s and 2000s feels like dropping acid with Jim Morrison and Grant Morrison on a neon carousel. Lest we forget, the 2000s gave us this "gem" of an ad that still lives rent-free in my to this day.

Even though one could argue that commercials in the early 2000s represent the apex of surreal advertisements, the late 90s planted the seeds for the era with a wild crop of bizarre ads. Prior to the 90s, commercials typically had a throughline that made sense and an aesthetic and endorsement that was tangentially related to the product. Michael Jackson dances; ergo, he would need a Pepsi to quench his thirst. That makes perfect sense. Watching classic Hollywood stars rendered in claymation chug a Brisk iced tea? That's kind of out there..but awesome nonetheless.

In the video linked above, you can take a look at how one of Brisk's most iconic ad campaigns came to life.