Ted Cruz is lazy and a racist

Senator Ted Cruz is lazy, a racist, and a lazy racist. Cruz, or a staffer, shared a tweet attacking Cruz's 2024 challenger, Colin Allred. The problem is that the photo they used is not Texas Congressperson Allred but rather Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg. One black person is evidently as good as another as far as Cruz is concerned.

A simple image search on the most widely used search engine for "Colin Allred" shows me no photos of Alvin Bragg that don't pertain to this story. Cruz will blame a lowly staffer and claim it was a mistake, but they could have taken the Tweet down and changed the photo just to be correct.

Lazy and racist.



"This is Ted Cruz," the Texas senator (read: his campaign) wrote in a message to supporters on Saturday. "I have breaking news: Far-left Democrat Colin Allred just announced he's running against me in 2024. Allred doesn't represent Texas values – not even close."

The text included a photo of a Black man who is clearly not Congressman Allred (D-Texas); it's Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who's pursuing criminal charges against former President Donald Trump.