An unruly airplane passenger attacked the flight attendants because he did not like how his meal choices were presented

On a flight from Barbados to Miami, a passenger became physically abusive because he was unhappy with HOW his meal choices were presented to him! It is unclear what about this menu presentation set the gentleman off. Still, he had enjoyed two drinks, assumedly alcoholic, before his tirade turned into physical pushing, touching, and an attempt to break into the cabin.

The passenger is getting a financial lesson, even if he serves no time in jail, as he must now wait in the United States, paying for room and lodging as his court dates approach.

Daily Beast:

A motion filed by Croizat's attorney explains he was going to Miami for five days to visit his son, who wound up co-signing his dad's bond. But things weren't moving fast enough for Croizat, who was ordered to turn in his passport, and complained to the court that the cost of renting Airbnbs while waiting for his case to be adjudicated was "financially burdensome" and asked to be allowed to return home temporarily. His request was denied.

The FAA last year received 2,455 reports of unruly passengers aboard airplanes, with 831 investigations launched. In addition to criminal charges being brought by law enforcement, the FAA—which says it has "zero tolerance" for fliers acting out, separately levied $8.4 million in fines for bad behavior.

Croizat is scheduled to plead guilty in Miami federal court on Wednesday to a misdemeanor charge of interference with a flight crew and assault, according to court records. His lawyer, Barry Wax, and American Airlines, did not respond to The Daily Beast's requests for comment.

There is just no what that whatever airplane food was on that menu it is worth jail time. Seriously, man.