Indicted George Santos gets booed when he desperately resorts to a Hunter Biden whataboutism (video)

Congressman George Santos squirmed in front of reporters today outside a Long Island federal courthouse following his release on $500,000 bond. He labeled his 13-count indictment a "witch hunt," then quickly resorted to a Hunter Biden whataboutism, hoping to shine the spotlight on anyone but himself — but his desperate pivot was met with boos.

Ignoring the boos, Santos sidetracked and rambled on about the Biden family for as long as he could until someone in the crowd asked, "What about you?"

The Republican grifter also said he would run for reelection again. "I will prove my innocence," he spouted. And coming from a serial liar, we all know what that really means. (See videos below, posted by Aaron Rupar.)

Front page thumbnail image: George Santos / Fox News