Krysten Ritter talks about the impact of Jessica Jones

With the brand being in such an obvious decline, it's safe to say that the glory days of the Marvel cinematic universe are officially in the rearview mirror. Yes, the MCU could theoretically make a full recovery and return to its rightful position at the front of pop culture, but it seems like the studio can't stop tripping over its own feet. But if the brand was to make a concerted effort to recapture its golden era, which era would the MCU aim to emulate? 

When it comes to films, the MCU's best era is open to debate. However, on the television side, Marvel achieved perfection during the first few years of their partnership with Netflix. During that beautiful period, Marvel produced one of the finest superhero shows ever made, Jessica Jones. The gritty superhero noir starring Breaking Bad's Krysten Ritter perfectly captured the trauma of overcoming abuse and created a vessel of catharsis for millions of viewers. In the video linked above, Krysten Ritter joins the Inside of You podcast to discuss the impact Jessica Jones had on her career.