Listen to Brian Wilson's isolated vocals on "Don't Worry Baby"

Brian Wilson's Twitter account just tweeted that The Beach Boys' track "Don't Worry Baby" was released today in 1964:

Brian's lead vocal is one of his defining performances, and he later referred to the track as perhaps the band's finest record. It was conceived as a response to "Be My Baby," the Ronettes hit that inspired Brian.

Happy Birthday to a truly classic song! And check out this video where Fil Henley from Wings of Pegasus isolates Wilson's voice on "Don't Worry Baby" and provides an analysis. The gist? To nobody's surprise, he concludes that Wilson's voice is "clean," "easy to listen to," has "unrivaled tonal consistency," has "perfect frequency," and is "as smooth as you're ever gonna hear." Additionally, Henley states that Wilson's pitch is "bang on all the time." Whether isolated or part of the brilliant harmonies of the Beach Boys, I could listen to Wilson all day long.