Genndy Taratkovsky sits down with Wired to answer a few questions about being the GOAT of American animation

That's right; Genndy Tartakovsky is the GOAT(greatest of all time) in American animation. Given the sizable financial and artistic impact that animators like Walt Disney, Max Fleischer, Tex Avery, and Chuck Jones had on the medium, you're probably asking yourself how Tartakovsky earned pole position in a discussion about the titans in the world of American cartoons. Well, first of all, this is a purely subjective article, and second of all, unlike the aforementioned animators, Tartakovsky's range and ability to excel in any genre are unparalleled. 

After the success of Dexter's Laboratory, it would've been easy for Tartakovsky to rest on his laurels and keep producing some of the highest-quality comedy cartoons around, but instead, he chose to challenge himself. In the years after Dexter's Laboratory, Tartakovsky created some of the most innovative and cinematic pieces of animation while retaining the charm of his previous work. For my money, the fight scenes in Taratkovsky's Star Wars: Clone Wars series are still some of the best-choreographed and dynamic fight scenes in the history of American cartoons. 

In the video linked above, Tartakovsky sits down with Wired to promote his new series, Unicorn: Warriors Eternal, and answer some questions about his history cartoons.