BLP Kosher: the fun Floridian Jewish Rapper with deep references

Creative, cryptic, and coded citations and references orient me, whether in lyrics, literature, or the ciphers of life. I've spent hours listening to BLP Kosher drop historical references, mentions of skateboarding (shout out Yoshi Tanenbaum and Jason Dill), pop culture quotations, religious symbolism, and really any other category imaginable – always playful, fun, and inventively critical.

Eric Skelton from Complex writes, "The South Florida rapper has an attention-grabbing hairstyle—two wicks stick straight out from the sides of his head—and he fills his songs with off-the-wall quotables, all while proudly representing his Jewish faith.

Naturally, his head-turning style is catching fire on social media, and he's going viral for songs like "Mazel Tron" and "Jew on the Canoe." At first glance, you might be skeptical that his aesthetic is a gimmick, but if you spend any amount of time with Kosher, you'll realize there are deep, meaningful reasons behind everything he does."

Teaming up with the recently deceased Jew Sheisty, their first viral video was for "Beatbox Freestyle."

"Jew on a Canoe" offers promiscuous wordsmithing with a dry, golden water warning.

"Alopecia, she say all these other rappers dandruff (They dry)/ Bad bitch from the Noya, she say yes to me though (Me though)/ Truth of the matter is I'll hop on like any beat though (Yeah)/ They sleepin' on me, I might leave they ass in El Dorado/ Or maybe I'll just take the Manischewitz to Morocco (Water)"

Recently, Kosher collaborated with Michigan rapper BabyTron to play tennis in the rain and chess in a bar for the video produced by Cole Bennett for the joint "Mazel Tron."

"They say I'm the GOAT, new drip, where's the lamb sauce?/

Flyer than a birdie, Desert Eagle in my Trackhawk/

I ain't Irish, but my money doubling, grab a shamrock/

I ain't trickin' with you bitches, pockets came with padlocks/

They thought that I was fantasizing, showed 'em that I can pop/

Grew my hair down to my shoulders, fan thought I was Matt Ox/

Jump a fence and get my lick back like this The Sandlot/

Tell them boys to quit the lying, living life on caps lock/

Check out this interview where BLP Kosher discusses his aesthetic and writing process, the origin of his name, his sonic influences, the death of Jew Sheisty, and growing up in South Florida as a Jewish kid into skateboarding – he wanted to turn pro…then the music muses led him to another track.

"I don't like to be self-righteous or whatever it's called. I try to stay humble. But somebody told me, 'Oh, you're bringing fun [back]. Your music is fun.'… Having fun is cool, but I'm not going to sit here and make that my biggest thing. I do like to cater to the fans, though, but I just like a good balance. I've got to make sure this shit is serious but also fun. And what I mean by fun is: where people re-listen to it a couple times and then they realize, 'Oh, that had a double meaning or a triple meaning.' Or like, 'That's what he meant when he said this,' and then they break it down and come up with it for themselves. I feel like that's a good type of fun."