Finally, The Rock has come back to the Fast & Furious franchise

It's easy to look back in retrospect and view The Rock's massive success in Hollywood as a story of going from strength to strength. However, that particular slant on events is something of revisionist history. Initially, The Rock, still riding high on his insane popularity in the WWF(E), found early success with his first string of films, but the Great One swiftly lost momentum after a handful of years in Hollywood. At the end of the 2000s, The Rock was given a choice: continue to make generic action films that end up in the DVD dollar bin at Walmart, or rebuild his career and make generic action films with a massive budget. 

Even though he was slowly rehabbing his career before becoming a Fast & Furious mainstay, one would be remiss to dismiss the franchise's role in reestablishing The Rock's current box office draw. According to Comic Book Resources, The Rock is making a return to the world's best-worst film franchise years after falling out with franchise star Vin Diesel. 

Per TheWrap, Johnson's return features in a post-credits scene for Fast X, the first in a new Fast & Furious trilogy to close out the series. This comes despite years of comments from Johnson claiming he would never return to the franchise. Reportedly, he and series star Vin Diesel repeatedly had confrontations while making the movies.