Watch a MAGA rave on about technologically advanced mermaids from the kingdom of darkness

This MAGA is off the charts! Awaken America speaker Amanda Grace is a babbling fountain of nonsense who sees fantastic creatures in this moment of moral lapse. Darkness, fish people, a lot of sibilant things like sin and sexuality that make her painful to listen to, and somehow the White House are all involved in this aquatic plot.

I have no idea if reality plays into whatever this woman is worried about.

Crooks and Liars:

The Awaken America and White Supremacy Hour Tour stopped at Trump Doral for an event. At said event, Prophet Amanda Grace gave a warning to the attendees:

There's wickedness attempting to completely cover this nation in perversion and seductive seducing spirits.. I have never seen more images of more mermaids and water people in my life. That's a division in the Kingdom of Darkness and they are highly technologically advanced. And we have to understand what we are dealing with. And we have to understand the rules of engagement and spiritual warfare. And we are meant for hand-to-hand combat.

She ended with the announcement that the White House is completely covered and eclipsed in said darkness.