Landlord's security deposit scam beaten by savvy tenant who filmed their spotless apartment before leaving

Always take photos and videos of your old place before turning over the keys, warns Kig0404 on Tik Tok, whose landlord refused to turn over the security deposit and posted photos of a dirty-looking apartment to justify the cleaning expense. But Kig0404 had extensively documented the spotless condition of their home before leaving it, forcing the unscrupulous owner to cough up: "They thought they had a dummy."


Lol they thought they had a dummy 😭 y'all be careful with these apartments #fyp #foryoupage #apartments #theythought #runmemymoney

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Here's their letter responding to the landlord or their agents/managers, whoever that LLC is. Note how very savvy, straightforward and restrained it is: know your rights, tenants!