Here's a good National Geographic photography tip

National Geographic photographer Kiliii Yüyan told Insider's Joey Hadden that one way to improve nature photos is by including something in the foreground of a shot.

"Great backgrounds, such as mountains or waterfalls, are easy to find because we're always looking for them," Yüyan said. "On the other hand, a good foreground subject, such as blooming wildflowers or a craggy tree, can be much harder to find in the right location."

Yüyan recommended searching for a foreground subject and framing your shot so you can see the scenery in the distance.

"It'll give your images depth, intimacy, and make your photos unique," he said.

I went through some of my photos, and found one I took of the Château de Commarque in France. It has a stream and tree in the foreground and a castle in the background: