Kansas' news anti-Trans "bathroom ban" turned on cis woman and disabled son at Wichita Public Library

A Kansas woman says she was ordered to leave the restroom at Wichita Public Libary's central branch after taking her nonverbal and disabled adult son into it with her, reports The Topeka Capital-Journal. Kansas recently banned people from using bathrooms and other spaces not designated for their assigned birth sex, a law plainly targeted at trans and intersex women but also useful for keeping disabled people and their opposite-sex carers at bay.

Karen Wild said she makes a trip to the central branch of the Wichita Public Library every week and has done so for years, a way of meeting up with Wild's mother, who lives 45 minutes away and helps take care of her son, Ellis Dunville, who is on the autism spectrum, has a seizure disorder and is nonverbal.

Never once in that time, she said, have any library staff or patrons objected to her bring her son into the women's restroom.

But shortly after entering with her son on Saturday, Wild said, a male security guard approached the restroom and informed her that Dunville couldn't be there. He walked away, she said, once it became clear another patron was using the restroom but that person also objected to her son's presence.

Adam Serwer was right. The cruelty is the point.