Director Mark Mylod explains how one of the series' most talked-about moments

The final curtain for HBO's Succession looms large, as the celebrated series is ready to call it quits this Sunday. Consequently, fans and critics are taking this last week to give Succession a proverbial second look as the series readies itself to walk into the sunset. 

Typically, a bulk of Succession's critical praise comes from the strength of its writing. Crafting a black comedy/drama parody series about Rupert Murdoch and Newscorp should have been an impossible task, but Succession's creator Jesse Armstrong stumbled on the perfect formula: make the audience laugh at how detestable the core cast is. However, even though the show's writing is masterful, it seems like people don't give enough credit to Succession's directorial team. 

In the video linked above from Vanity Fair's YouTube channel, veteran Succession director Mark Mylod gives viewers a unique window into how one of the show's most memorable scenes was executed to perfection.