Intrusive creepy anti-vaxxer harasses pregnant woman at Walgreens

A pregnant woman at a Walgreens in Lafayette, Louisiana, ready to receive a TDAP vaccine — a routine and recommended protection for expectant mothers — was minding her own business when an unsolicited and uninvited anti-vax creeper demanded that she explain her medical decision. Even after being asked repeatedly to respect her privacy, the creeper persisted, berating and lecturing the pregnant woman under the guise of "concern."

The confrontation kicked off with Creeper's initial query, "I was just wondering what vaccine you're gonna get." Maintaining her cool, the woman responded, "It's none of your business. Please get away from me."

Seemingly oblivious to the woman's discomfort, Creeper continued her line of questioning. "I'm six feet back. I was just wondering what makes you think you need a vaccine while you're pregnant?"

Not missing a beat, the woman shot back, "I take medical advice from my doctor who went to medical school, not a woman in the line at Walgreens." Despite this, Creeper was relentless.

"That's a very good point. Do you feel better justifying the fact that you're going to inject some kind of chemical?" she challenged, attempting to sow seeds of doubt.

"Please get away from me," the woman repeated.

Despite numerous pleas for her to maintain distance, Creeper launched into an uninvited sermon about "liberalism and vaccines."

Eventually, the woman's patience wore thin. "You're really starting to piss me off," she warned.

Unfazed, Creeper fired back, "I hope so. I hope I am. I hope I make you think. Look what you're doing to your baby. Think about it."

At this point, the woman had had enough. "Okay, bitch," she retorted.

After one last jab about the necessity of a vaccine during pregnancy, Creeper finally appeared to take her leave. However, she soon returned, smiling at the camera. "Hello, you can take a picture of me," she said.

Quick to correct her, the woman retorted, "Oh, no, I'm taking a video. I'm gonna put it on the internet." Creeper seemed pleased. "That's good. I hope you do." Once again, the woman sternly repeated, "Get away from me. I'm serious."

Isn't it curious how people who insist on personal freedoms and the right to be left alone are usually the first to trample on the very same rights of others?


I was already filming because she had previously said something to me when I initially checked in and I could tell she wasn't done. And ironically enough, while i was waiting she was in an argument with the pharmacist about how she was running out of a certain medication too quickly. It turns out she was taking more than directed because I guess she cant read. And yet she's a vaccine expert! #pregnant #pregnanttiktok #karen #vaccine #psycho #lafayette #lafayettelouisiana #walgreens

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