This top-rated digital pen is on sale for just $39.99

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TL;DR: Draw, write, and sketch with ease on your iPad or tablet with the exquisitely designed Digi Pen, now 59% off its regular price at just $39.99.

You've switched from plastic straws to reusable ones, you bring your own bags to the grocery store, and you've even been shopping around for great composters for your kitchen. To say you're a friend of the environment is an understatement. So why is it that you're still using the good old-fashioned pen and paper combo to jot down notes?

Whether you're looking to be less wasteful or simply are a fan of convenience, using your tablet as a means to write, sketch, or draw is becoming more and more popular these days, which is all the more reason to snag your very own digital pen, like this one by Digi Pen. And the best part? It's currently discounted to just $39.99, 59% off its regular price.

Are you a diehard iPad enthusiast? Or perhaps you're more of an Amazon Fire tablet kind of person. Either way, you're in luck, as the Digi Pen is compatible with many of the most popular tablets out there. Tablet users appreciate the pen's 1.2-mm fine tip, offering incredible pixel precision and higher sensitivity, great for writing, drawing, and designing

The Digi Pen also features a helpful tilt function, allowing you to create strokes of different widths, fantastic for sketching. Additionally, the advanced gadget also uses palm rejection technology to prevent you from accidentally tapping things on the screen with your hand while you write. And, thanks to its aluminum alloy material, holding the pen is incredibly comfortable, not too lightweight or heavy to hold.

Built to last, the Digi Pen needs just an hour-long charge to last for a whopping 20 hours of use, and it even uses three power indicator lights to let you know how much juice you have left. It's no wonder the digital pen has earned tons of rave reviews online, including a jaw-dropping five out of five stars.

Save paper and get your own Digi Pen while it's at this incredible price! The Digi Pen for iPad and tablets is 59% off its regular price, making it just $39.99.

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