12-year-old boy graduates college with 5 degrees

Clovis Hung, a mere 12 years old, has set a new record at Fullerton College in California, becoming the youngest person to graduate — and he didn't stop at just one degree. Hung has been awarded five associate of arts degrees in the areas of history; social sciences; social behavior and self-development; arts and human expression; and science and mathematics. The precocious scholar, who first enrolled via the school's special-admit program at the age of 9, surpassed the previous record held by 13-year-old Jack Rico.

Homeschooled by his mother, Song Choi, who recognized his early intellectual curiosity, Hung started his college career with a single class and gradually added more. Describing him as inquisitive, diligent, and self-disciplined, Choi noted her son's drive for knowledge surpassed what traditional public schools could offer. Faculty, such as Biology Professor Kenneth Collins, initially expressed concern about Hung's ability to relate to his older peers, but found their fears were "unfounded." Hung's next ambition? Acquiring a pilot's license at 16 and, one day, going to Mars.


"I play basketball five days a week and sometimes a whole week because I have games. I also play games like Minecraft and Roblox and I also have Civil Air Patrol and Boy Scouting," Hung said.

His other passions include his pets and travel.

For instance, the history buff was excited to take a break this summer for a trip to the Middle East. He shared a picture of himself in front of a pyramid in Egypt.

Yahoo! News:

"In the future, I would like to either discover something new or meet famous people like Elon Musk," he said. "I"m a very smart kid, and he's a very smart person, so smart people should talk to smart people."

(Who's going to tell him?)