Ron DeSantis remembers how he learned to eat pudding in amusingly disturbing deepfake (video)

Ron DeSantis just got the deepfake treatment in a grotesque video that is both nightmarish and laugh-out-loud funny. As Fox "News" interviews Ron DeSantis, the Florida fascist slaps on his plastic smile and frets to himself, "I hope he doesn't ask about my childhood and how I learned to eat pudding."

We then travel back in time to l'il Ronnie in a bib, snorting his heart out after his mother asks, "How do the little piggies go?" And when she encourages Florida's pudding-fingered governor to "show me how the piggies eat," he continues to snort as he buries his manboy face into the food on his plate, over and over and over again.

The unsettling mockery, superimposed over a dinner scene from the film A Christmas Story (1983), is one of multiple amusing DeSantis deepfakes created and posted on Twitter by C3PMeme.

Image: C3PMeme