Aphids on my backyard tomatoes

I live in a beachside Los Angeles community. The weather could not be more perfect for an at-home garden. I've found the area relatively pest-free, except for aphids.

Aphids first appeared en-mass to bother my blood orange tree. A hosing off and then disbursement of ladybugs managed the populations for me in prior years, and this year, when I saw aphids also appear on my lemon and mandarin trees, I quickly got myself some ladybugs. The citrus has been fine in the weeks since, but one of my many tomato vines has fallen prey. Tomatoes are easy targets for aphids, and I wanted to get ahead of the problem before it spread.

Tomatoes and dog/jlw

I cut some leaves off, sprayed the plants with Dr. Bronner's Peppermint and water solution, and when I found the population continuing to grow, I broke out the Neem Oil. All three are purportedly safe and inoffensive ways to kill aphids but not damage the plants or fruit. The soapy water might bother ladybugs and other beneficial bugs, but I didn't see any around. Neem Oil has kept the population to where I pick a few aphids off leaves daily and maybe spray a section but no longer see any damage or enough bugs to be concerned.

I've found videos from Brian at Next Level Gardening to be super helpful with my crops.

Yeah, I'm not much for pruning. Bending hurts my back.