Fractal Terra is an unusually handsome mini PC case

Look at the beautiful Mini-ITX Terra PC cases from Fractal Design, hitherto known for more functional stylings. Look at that subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh my God, it even has a walnut panel…

Terra is a PC case designed and engineered to reshape the small form factor gaming experience. Inspired by the homes of modern gamers, Terra incorporates boutique design features such as thick panels cut from anodized aluminum, CNC-milled details and FSC-certified solid walnut. Inside, it includes a PCIe 4.0 riser cable and features a stepless slidable central wall for build flexibility, providing space for a powerful GPU up to 322 mm in length.

My own mini PC, the Zotac Magnus One, is nice enough but does look an awful lot like a NAS or UPS or something else that one wouldn't normally have sitting out. I wonder if I could just shove all the bits in one of these without having to get a new motherboard or PSU.