Reborn Sound Burger turntable sells out

The Sound Burger, which looks like one of the meanest things you could possibly do to a vinyl record, is finally back on sale and instantly sold-out. Announced last year, the Bluetooth-enhanced classic will be restocked later in the summer–such is its appeal to young people nostalgic for something they never experienced. You're gonna need a bigger boat, Audio Technica.

AT re-issued the Sound Burger vinyl spinner to mark its 60th anniversary and it's not the first piece of updated history to be a smash hit: Naim is on a similar 50th-anniversary nostalgia trip, updating its 1973 power amp alongside a trio of hi-fi separates harking back to their 1970s original iterations. 

But just as Audio-Technica was utterly floored by the response to its original limited-edition re-release of the product, (now called the AT-SB727 and I admit, coveted by me when I saw it) I have to agree: who knew there was such continued demand for it long into 2023? 

I've ordered one all the same. If it doesn't work out for me as a turntable, I shall use it to angle grind chocolate cake.