The Lady Egg is an artist who creates giant egg sculptures and more

Lizzy Lubitsky, who goes by the name "The Lady Egg," is an artist living in Phoenix, Arizona who creates giant egg sculptures and other 3D creations, as well as street art and smaller paintings with retro tech vibes or featuring everyday objects like grocery bags and CapriSuns. The Wayward Taphouse describes her work:

The Lady Egg is an interdisciplinary artist located in Phoenix, Arizona. She was raised on Windows 95 and Legos— experiencing the rapid development of technology alongside the milestones of adolescence. In her paintings, The Lady Egg incorporates nostalgic imagery to transport the viewer back in time. In her sculptural works, she revisits familiar objects from wild perspectives. At the end of the day, The Lady Egg plays by one rule – don't take yourself too seriously.

You can see more of her work on her website and Instagram, and at Walter Arts Sales.