Mutation causes woman to live virtually pain, fear and anxiety-free, with ability to heal rapidly

Is this a real-life Wolverine?

A study has revealed a genetic mutation that allows a woman to live virtually without pain, without fear, without anxiety, and with rapid-healing ability. Article at UCL here.

[Jo Cameron], who lives in Scotland, was first referred to pain geneticists at UCL in 2013, after her doctor noticed that she experienced no pain after major surgeries on her hip and hand. After six years of searching, they identified a new gene that they named FAAH-OUT, which contained a rare genetic mutation. In combination with another, more common mutation in FAAH, it was found to be the cause of Jo's unique characteristics.

X-Men references aside, examining why these different characteristics are all linked to these two mutations may be very helpful in understanding how they operate in the human body. A senior author of the study, Professor James Cox, there may be therapeutic implications from this discovery. He said:

"The initial discovery of the genetic root of Jo Cameron's unique phenotype was a eureka moment and hugely exciting, but these current findings are where things really start to get interesting. By understanding precisely what is happening at a molecular level, we can start to understand the biology involved and that opens up possibilities for drug discovery that could one day have far-reaching positive impacts for patients."