Giant puppet festival sensation takes DIY musical on a cross-country tour

Fresh from New Orleans's own Giant Puppet Festival, puppeteer and playwright Playdoh Kolo is taking their show, "Namaslay" on the road. The audience favorite chronicles the story of a small village whose rock gym expands until it crushes the residents under boulders to make way for a wellness eco-resort. Two start-up bros from Boston, a terrier, and a hotdog, become trapped at the resort after their tech company goes bust and are forced to pay off their stay at the resort by working in the rock gym mines deep beneath the earth. It seems they may be resigned to this fate unless local New England deity Tom Brady can help them.

This DIY musical features original songs, a cast of over 50 handmade puppets, and cardboard sets. Playdoh has adapted the show from its original 14-member cast to a (mostly) solo show and will be touring with it from the Deep South to the Shallow North over the summer of 2023.

Those settled along the parade route might peruse Playdoh's Instagram for exact dates and locations. All those between Atlanta to Asheville, Baltimore to Brattleboro, Montreal to Minneapolis, and essentially the entire eastern half of the continent, will have an exciting yet educational experience learning about the overlap of Boston Bros who love Dunkin Donuts and New Age Corporate Retreat Centers.

All hail DIY puppet theater!