Help dad invest smarter with a Father's Day deal on Tykr Stock Screene

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TL;DR: If you have a stock market-obsessed dad, this lifetime subscription to Tykr's Pro Plan could be right up his alley this Father's Day. Use code STOCK to score $20 off your purchase.

Out of all the hard lessons to learn, Dad always taught you the value of a dollar and how to earn it. And while the world has changed over the decades, trading and buying through the stock market seems to continue cash flow for folks.

No matter what Dad is into, we know he definitely likes money. It can't buy happiness, but it entices the kids to visit. That's why the Tykr Stock Screener is a great tool for him to pick up some extra coin. Just in time for Father's Day, you can get $20 off of $119.00 when you enter code STOCK at checkout.

So, what is Tykr, and why is it Dad's new favorite thing (besides you, of course)? Tykr is an all-in-one stock screening and education platform, providing analysis for over 30,000 US and International stocks, meaning dad can invest in Ireland, trade in Thailand, and buy stock in Stockholm (you get it). Tykr also gives the big guy tools to manage investments in a way that can help him score cash to save for retirement. In a quick 30 seconds or less, dad can find investments to sink his teeth into for rainy days when a few extra bucks are key.

And, because we know all dads as a whole, we're aware that technology is not their strong suit. If Dad is still sending chain emails but can't figure out how to send a text, Tykr can still be super useful. Its straightforward, user-friendly interface makes things incredibly accessible for anyone to use. Dad can get a quick summary of whether a stock is on sale, watch, or overpriced at the time and check scores for individual stocks. How awesome is that?

Need more proof of how awesome this gift can be for Dad? The folks in our store gave this deal a 5-star rating, with one verified user writing, "Just what I was looking for and more! Sophisticated stock screening tool, [with the] ability to create watch lists and to tell if a stock is the right time to buy." To boost, this bad boy also scored 4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot and 4.9/5 rating on AppSumo. Sounds like ringing endorsements to us.

Gift pops a lifetime subscription to the Tykr Stock Screener's Pro Plan, and get $20 off of $119.00 with code STOCK. This Father's Day deal ends June 11 at 11:59 pm Pacific.

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