Celebrate dad's cooking this Father's Day with a kitchen tool that's less than $100

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TL;DR: This Father's Day, you can help dad nail the perfect cook every time with the MeatStick X: Wireless Meat Thermometer for only $97.99 (reg. $99). Order by 6/5 for your gift to arrive on time!

If you love dad's food, show your appreciation with a tool that's designed to make cooking and grilling meats easier. This Father's Day, you can get dad an award-winning wireless smart Meat Thermometer for only $97.99 (reg. $99). Order by 6/5 to ensure the perfect gift arrives right on time!

Whether dad's a pro in the kitchen or enjoys a simple summer barbeque, every piece of meat cooks differently and without cutting into it, how can you tell if it's ready? The MeatStick X has built-in dual temperature sensors that monitor both the ambient and internal temperatures of whatever meat you're baking, frying, or grilling.

Equipped with a sophisticated algorithm, this device calculates the time remaining until your meat hits the perfect temperature for consumption.

So, no more wondering if your chicken is under or if the steak is more well-done than medium, the MeatStick X will help keep those savory flavors and ensure each piece of meat reaches a safe internal temperature that's hot enough to prevent harmful germs from causing food poisoning.

Better yet, while the meats are still on the grill and dad's inside prepping the side dishes, the device has a built-in Bluetooth signal repeater that extends up to 260ft in range. Paired with the MeatStick app, dad can monitor his cook on the go using his phone or tablet for peace of mind.

With this device, dad can express his creativity in the kitchen free from the worry of under or over-cooking a dish he's worked on hard. The MeatStick X's rechargeable 24-hour battery is a great asset for long and slow cooks alike, allowing dad to test out new recipes or that slow roast he's always talking about. The device can be used in sous-vides and deeper fryers!

When all is said and done, the MeatStick makes clean-up easy, too. Just pop it into the dishwasher for a thorough clean.

If you're looking to help dad get perfect and consistent cooking results, look no further than the MeatStick X Wireless Meat Thermometer on sale this Father's Day for  $97.99 (reg. $99). Act fast—order before 6/5 to ensure your gift arrives on time!

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