Sublime experimental remix of traditional Black spiritual song

"Children, Go Where I Send Thee" is a traditional Black spiritual song perhaps most famously recorded for a 1937 release by the Golden Gate Quartet. Yesterday, my favorite experimental-ambient DJ and producer DF Tram released his own remix of that recording. DF Tram's "heavenly shuffle" remix is subtle, sublime, and uplifting.

And here's the Golden State Jubilee Quartet's original recording and description from Wikipedia:

[As compared to the ancestral song, this] recording features further lyrical and stylistic developments worth noting. The lines for the numbers three and two are: "Three was the Hebrew children; two was Paul and Silas." As with many spirituals, these references to imprisoned biblical figures are analogues for the enslavement of African Americans. Coupled with the recording's rhythmically driven jubilee quartet style, these features make the song a distinctly American folk tune.