The fast food reviewer who wears a full suit

It sounds like a bad "I Think You Should Leave" sketch, but YouTuber TheReportOfTheWeek (who has only ever identified himself as John) is the real deal.

Upon first glance, he looks like someone out of a Sam Rockwell painting- vintage suit, soft-spoken, delicate hands, kindly face, the very picture of nonthreatening masculinity if you're living in 1950. You might expect him to be a bank manager, or perhaps a high-end salesman, but this man out of time makes his living by doing viral fast food reviews instead.

It's surreal, and it's become a guilty pleasure of mine of late. In a feature by CNN a few years ago, John elaborated on his reasoning behind his look, explaining that it's something he enjoys doing and that he hopes it may give others the courage to follow suit in cultivating their own unique lifestyles. Keep living your truth, buddy- and I'll keep watching.