This gaming mouse offers 70 hours of play time and a comfortable fit

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TL;DR: This MOJO M2 Performance Wireless Gaming Mouse is a great gift for the gamer in your life to absolutely annihilate any opponent that comes across their screen while not injuring any fingers, wrists, or arms. It's here on sale for the best of the best pricing at $49.99.

If we know anything, it's that gaming can be a great way to practice self-care, blow off some steam, and yell at your friends from a million miles away while still getting your point across. If you need some new gaming gear when it matters most, this MOJO M2 Performance Wireless Gaming Mouse is a product we are loving right now. It's here on sale for $49.99.

So, what makes the MOJO M2 a cut above the rest? To start, you'll get about 80 million clicks and 70 hours of battery life for each change of AA (which is included). That will only feel like a million rounds of Minecraft (and who knows if it actually is, you're no novice, after all). You'll also score a lag-free 2.4GHz wireless connection, and a 16K DPI optical sensor so you're never caught banging your mouse against the table like we did in yesteryear (Oh, to be a ball in a mouse on a mid-1990s computer desk). 

If you're a little more tech-savvy than the rest, the MOJO M2 also has highly-customizable software, so you can really make the mouse feel like your own in every way possible.

Speaking from a place of comfort, this bad body has a super slick scroll wheel with RGB lighting, reshaped ergonomic design, optimized curve, and 79g balanced weight. All of these features combined not only reduce fatigue and pain on your wrist and forearm, but you'll also get long-lasting comfort on those days you're going all in on that one frenemy in Call of Duty. Pair it with some other new gear and you've got the sickest setup on the block.

Get the MOJO M2 Performance Wireless Gaming Mouse, which includes a AA battery, USB receiver, and connective cable, for $49.99 (Reg. $59). Don't sleep on this, it's the best pricing on the web as we speak and it's not available at that other, ahem, big-named online retailer.

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