Your dog may eat you when you die

No doubt that dogs can be incredibly loyal to their human companions. But there is some scientific evidence suggesting that if you drop dead, your dog may very well eat your remains. Even if there's plenty of other food around. From Mental Floss:

In a 2007 paper [PDF] published in Forensic Science International, researchers at Binghamton University's Department of Anthropology examined a case involving a pet owner who passed away in their home. The 54-year-old woman had not been seen for several weeks. Inside the house was a skeleton free of soft tissue and two well-fed dogs—a Chow and a Labrador mix. The domesticated canines had feasted upon their caregiver until virtually none of her was left.

While such an act might imply a desperate act of starvation, both pet and human food was also found inside the house, meaning the dogs certainly had the option of nibbling on kibble instead of a human being. In one 1997 case, a German Shepherd didn't even wait for hunger pangs to set in: The animal devoured its expired owner's face within hours.

Why? Could have a genetic explanation dating back to pre-domesticated canines. Or, gulp, maybe we just taste good.