How they executed the stunts in John Wick 4

Much like the feeling that inevitably descends on his many adversaries, audiences are slowly starting to understand that they're never going to escape John Wick. Despite the death of the titular character and protagonist of the series, Lionsgate recently announced that they're beginning to discuss a potential fifth film in the John Wick franchise. Plus, there's still a television series, spin-off film, and video game tied to the beloved series coming down the pipeline. 

Even though the prospect of a fifth film should cause fans to roll their eyes, John Wick has only ever topped itself in terms of quality. And while a fifth movie increases the likelihood that the series will finally hit the skids and become too absurd, John Wick's track record only indicates that the series will somehow stick the landing. 

Part of what keeps audiences coming back to the Wick franchise is how the series seems to top itself in VFX and stunt work. In the video linked above, Studio Binder explains how John Wick 4's brilliant VFX and choreography came to life.