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TL;DR: You've heard the hype, but what is all the chatter about? Learn how to use one of the newest AI tools with the Introduction to ChatGPT, and it's on sale for $19.99.

If you're not privy to the latest AI products, this course will open your eyes to the latest and greatest in today's technology. The Introduction to ChatGPT course is taught by the International Open Academy, an online learning platform designed to help with professional development, and personal growth, and help you achieve your goals. With 9 lectures and 25 hours of content, you'll learn the basics of AI and how they can support your current skill set. 

AI is hot right now, and it's evolving faster than the world can keep up. Get ahead of the game with this Introduction to ChatGPT course. Once you start to incorporate this groundbreaking technology in both your daily and professional life, you'll start to see positive changes you didn't know were possible. 

Streamline and improve operations without doing the grunt work. The ChatGPT may help lay the foundation for your most successful business model. The future of tech is here to stay, and now is not the time to sit back and watch others take advantage of economic prospects.

Whether you're looking to improve how you write emails to clients, content creation, or market research, the Introduction to ChatGPT lessons are relatable for everyone. Go at your own pace and expand your AI knowledge— think of the possibilities! Upon finishing the course, you'll get a certificate of completion to boast about on your resume.

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