Watch this kingsnake navigating a brick wall as if in a video game

Watch this kingsnake navigating a brick wall like it's in a video game. It's so cool! The National Park Service posted the video this week on its Facebook page, although the footage was taken last Fall. To accompany the video, the NPS provided this funny commentary, proving once again that Matthew Turner, NPS's Social Media Specialist, is still at the top of his game:

If it runs into itself, game over. 

This Sonoran Mountain kingsnake (Lampropeltis pyromelana) showed off its climbing (and snake game) skills on the walls of the visitor center @coronado_nps. (Just looking for a brochure, ranger.) The Sonoran Mountain Kingsnake is a medium-sized snake with red, white, and black bands. It is non-venomous, but it's a mimic of the Coral Snake which helps it to avoid predation. Red on yellow, kill a fellow. Red on black, venom lack.

Video: A kingsnake slowly climbs a wall. 

If you're out and about this summer and spot a similar-looking snake, here's another reminder that the king snake versus coral snake (red and yellow, red and black) rhyme—even though it's quoted in the NPS Instagram post—is confusing and could get you into danger!