"How dare you make them afraid because you are?" LAUSD President Jackie Goldberg schools anti-inclusion protestors

After reading "The Great Big Book of Families" at a Los Angeles Unified School District's board meeting, President Jackie Goldberg's remarks were so fantastic and spot on; everyone in America should hear this. Faced with angry protestors whose hate was fuelled by imaginary wrongs, Goldberg's passion, simplicity, and the obvious truth of her words ring like a bell.

Regardless of protests at some schools, the LA Unified School Board unanimously adopted a resolution in support of the LBGTQA+ community, proclaiming June as Pride Month.


The adoption came after Jackie Goldberg, president of the board, read from a children's book titled The Great Big Book of Families and gave an impassioned speech. Some parents at Saticoy Elementary School in the North Hollywood section of L.A. had protested over a Pride assembly at the school that included the reading of that book, and during the protest there were physical altercations between protesters and counterprotesters. A Pride flag was burned at one point.

Goldberg noted that the book has one sentence that says some families have two mothers or two fathers. Parents of Saticoy students had been told their children didn't have to attend the assembly if the parents or children were uncomfortable with it, she said.

"I've been confronting this issue my entire life," Goldberg, a lesbian, longtime activist, and former Los Angeles City Council member, said after reading from the book. "I have been threatened. I have been harassed. I have been denied jobs because of who I am and who I love."

Featured Image: YouTube/Screen Grab